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White Star testers required - dbsoft - 06-27-2023

I need to test several future changes coming to Pale Moon.

My current Pale Moon Intel build system is running MacOS 13 Ventura with Xcode 14...

I have tested MacOS 14 Sonoma on ARM with Xcode 15 beta and everything worked.

However when I attempted to build on Intel with Xcode 15 beta I had issues with the 10.12 SDK I had been using.

The 11.3 SDK I use on ARM built successfully.  I also am still trying to unify the packaging on both ARM and Intel.... due to problems some people encountered when using the ARM packaging on Intel, I have been using the old packaging code on Intel. So I need some people to test these new White Star builds.... they are built with the same SDK and packaging as ARM.

I need people to make sure there are not any behavior regressions by upgrading the SDK, and I want to see if people are still having problems with the packaging. I am hoping the updated SDK will prevent the problems I had with the new packaging.

Download White Star 32.3.0 Intel Mac Beta

Will probably have some follow-up builds to test depending on the results.