Infiniti Bulletin Board Software

 Version 1.0

 1996 DBSoft

A quick overview of the features and Config.

Config is a powerful utility that facilitates the creation of the configuration files. Aside from the message files all configuration files in Infiniti are text files. It uses a easy to use menu/mouse driven interface to make configuration as simple as possible.

Modem Configuration creates the files INFINXXX.CFG which contain node information for each instance of Infiniti you have running. This menu allows you to specify all the node's operation specifications. The other menus configure attributes which run throughout the entire BBS no matter what node you connect to.

The User Editor allows you to browse, edit, delete and create user entries in the user database. Again this is a text file for easy editing, however the passwords are encrypted using a one way encryption method and therefore user accounts with passwords cannot be created without use of the actual BBS or the Config program. This will also prevent mischievous users who manage to get their hands on the user file to have access to the system. The system has a flexible user level system which allows negative (super) levels which are the same as the absolute value of the level except negative (super) users only can enter negative (super) conferences. As with most systems the a user with a level of 0 is banned from the system.

The Conference editor menu allows the creation of new conferences or sub-boards. Each contains its own file system and message system. The can contain their own bulletin set as well as their own menu set. However if a custom menu set is not available Infiniti will use the main conference menu set defaultly. You also specify what user level is required and whether uploading is allowed. Another special option is auto protection of messages. A protected message is one that can only be read by SysOps, CoSysOps, the sender and the recipient. Which can be useful under many business situations.

The toggles menu allows the easy configuration of the more advanced features which for the most part operate unattended like, New User Voting, Automatic Call-back Verification, Shuttle Login, Earthnet (which is a proprietary mail network provided by DBSoft) and making your system a closed (private) system.

On the subject of netmail, a FIDO net mail tosser is in the works and should be available in April.

The Infiniti waiting for calls screen which is in the main BBS program allows an easy system management, with a point and click interface. Once logged into the system locally it is as if you were actually connected via a modem. The Interface is the same. With the registered/commercial version of the software RIP graphics can be selected and displayed locally as if you were on remotely. Access to all the SysOp functions are performed through the function keys. This includes easy management of user time, and level. A SysOp shell, SysOp menu (also accessible remotely), a SysOp information screen which can be viewed while the user is on-line.

This example main user menu was designed with TheDraw and Menumaker to create the script for the menu.

Pictured from top to bottom: Modem Configuration Menu, User Editor Menu, Conference editor, toggles, BBS local main menu, and The BBS User main menu.

Infiniti (c) 1996 DBSoft