July 19, 2024

Press Release June 01, 2011

Dynamic Windows 2.0 has been officially released! Binaries are now available for OS/2, Win32 and Win64. Source is available to build on Unix (FreeBSD, Linux, Solaris and more) using GTK2 or GTK3 and MacOS X 10.5 or higher using Cocoa.

Source and binaries are located on the Netlabs FTP server.

Changes from version 1.1:
Added support for MacOS 10.5 and higher Intel and PPC via Cocoa.
Added initial (unstable) support for GTK version 3.
Added support for Windows themes on XP and higher.
Added scrollbox widgets, which function like boxes but...scrollbars allow you to pack more into them than the visible area.
Added dw_window_get_font() for checking the font used on a widget.
Added dw_container_change_row_title() for changing a row pointer after insert.
Added clipboard support on OS/2.
Added HICN data type for icon handles and changed icon functions to use it.
Added DW_RESOURCE() macro for casting to HICN when using resource IDs.
Added support for borderless buttons except on Windows (DW_BS_NOBORDER).
Changed the return codes of dw_container_setup, dw_filesystem_setup and dw_event_wait(). Please check any code that use these functions.
Changed GTK2+ now supports font name styles like the other platforms.
Enhanced transparent bitblt on OS/2 and Windows. OS/2 now supports transparent color and Windows now supports 32bit alpha bitblt.
Removed thread limits on Windows and GTK using thread local storage.

Documentation is available here:

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