June 13, 2024

Press Release March 31, 2021

White Star MacOS Browser Announced

With the reintegration with Pale Moon get builds from the Pale Moon site.

The White Star name is an alternate take on Pale Moon and also pays tribute to the ships on the television show Babylon 5.

White Star going forward will be experimental Pale Moon builds for new Mac (or FreeBSD) features.


No experimental builds available currently.

Release Notes

Mac Build Instructions


The Pale Moon Mac Forum is now back up! But you can still visit the White Star Forum on the DBSoft site.

The Future:

The MacOS code has been reintegrated back into Pale Moon and UXP. The Pale Moon branded versions are available from Pale Moon Downloads for now and are now official!

If you have any suggestions or want to support the continuation of these builds let me know at brian@dbsoft.org or subscribe to my Patreon.