June 26, 2022

Press Release March 31, 2021

White Star MacOS Browser Announced

I am launching my own branding "White Star" and will continue to release Pale Moon builds under this moniker.

The White Star name is an alternate take on Pale Moon and also pays tribute to the ships on the television show Babylon 5.


White Star 31.1.0 for Intel x64 SHA256: ba60976ed4c44c19aa0fbfc0a3da3b49b121fd89892ca344774ef895dd60760d

White Star 31.1.0 Experimental Build SHA256: ccaa2e141075dcc73414c21984d76455546359f4d41626a2c2ecf40a98d1f1a0

White Star 31.1.0 ARM64 Build SHA256: 4c2b1b7011cc0999bea54995339dcb182dc58eb6491b69b2d1283afdf8a9ed05

Source Code GitHub: White-Star UXP Experimental UXP ARM64 UXP

Release Notes

Mac Build Instructions


I have setup a new forum for support for White Star and existing Pale Moon for MacOS builds. Visit the White Star Forum on the DBSoft site.

The Future:

The MacOS code has been reintegrated back into the Pale Moon UXP, but for the time being I am continuing to maintain the White Star front end separately.

If you have any suggestions or want to support the continuation of these builds let me know at brian@dbsoft.org or subscribe to my Patreon.