January 25, 2022

Press Release March 31, 2021

White Star MacOS Browser Announced

After a dispute with someone on the Pale Moon team I decided I could no longer work with this person. I was told I needed to interact with them to continue on the Pale Moon team. I was unable to commit to that and we had to part ways. Because of this I am no longer allowed to use the Pale Moon branding so I am launching my own branding "White Star" and will continue to release Pale Moon builds under this moniker.

The White Star name is an alternate take on Pale Moon and also pays tribute to the ships on the television show Babylon 5.


White Star 29.4.4 for Intel x64 SHA256: 6b29456b33a302e5a717ac712e98aa270dcda3a9219d69c43b1f8d8c7b8257f4

Source Code GitHub: White-Star UXP

Release Notes


Since the Pale Moon team decided to lock the MacOS forum I have setup a new forum for support for White Star and existing Pale Moon for MacOS builds. Visit the White Star Forum on the DBSoft site.

The Future:

Sadly the Pale Moon team has decided to begin removing the MacOS specific code from the Pale Moon source, so I may not be able to do this forever. I am looking into alternatives, when it becomes infeasible to continue with the ports I may switch projects, likely to Waterfox Classic or Seamonkey.

I am currently investigating using the Watefox Classic or Seamonkey backends and the Pale Moon front end, continued as White Star.

If you have any suggestions or want to support the continuation of these builds let me know at brian@dbsoft.org