July 19, 2024

Press Release July 30, 2011

Dynamic Windows 2.1 has been officially released! Binaries are now available for OS/2, Win32 and Win64. Source is available to build on Unix (FreeBSD, Linux, Solaris and more) using GTK2 or GTK3 and MacOS X 10.5 or higher using Cocoa.

Source and binaries are located on the Netlabs FTP server if not there yet check Incoming.

Changes from version 2.0:
Added support for MacOS 10.7 Lion, version 2.0 had some issues.
Changed the font point size on Windows to be system consistent. Applications setting Windows fonts may need to be adjusted after upgrading to version 2.1. This eliminates an old workaround, but causes old fonts to potentially be wrong.
Fixed issues with the tree widget on Mac not being able to add nodes at the same level with the same name.
Added dw_font_set_default() to set the default text widget font.
Added dw_font_choose() to display a dialog to pick a font.
Added dw_box_pack_at_index() like the other dw_box_pack_*() functions except packing at arbitrary locations is possible.
Fixed gcc warnings on 64bit systems and others.
Fixes for loading images from files on Windows and GTK3.

Documentation is available here:

Dynamic Windows Help Index