June 13, 2024

Press Release November 22, 2011

Dynamic Windows 2.2 has been officially released! Binaries are now available for OS/2, Win32 and Win64. Source is available to build on Unix (FreeBSD, Linux, Solaris and more) using GTK2 or GTK3 and MacOS X 10.5 or higher using Cocoa.

Source and binaries are located on the Netlabs FTP server if not there yet check Incoming.

Changes from version 2.1:
Added printing support via dw_print_new, dw_print_run and dw_print_cancel.
Added pixmap font override support. In prior versions when drawing text to pixmaps the font set on the associated window handle is used. dw_pixmap_set_font() can now override that font setting, and now pixmaps without associated windows are supported and used in printing.
Added dw_pixmap_stretch_bitblt() which allows for scaling during bitblt. This function is necessary largely for very hi-res printer contexts.
Added dw_mutex_trylock() function to try to obtain a mutex without blocking.
Added DW_TIMEOUT_INFINITE which can now be used with dw_event_wait() in addition to dw_named_event_wait(), to block until the event is posted.
Added DW_PERCENT_INDETERMINATE which can be passed to dw_percent_set_pos(). This should work on all platforms except old versions of Windows.
Added the subversion revision number as the third Dynamic Windows version number when building from a subversion source tree.
Added dw_container_set_row_data() and dw_container_change_row_data() macros which just call dw_container_set/change_row_title() but with (void *).
Added dw_container_set_stripe() to set alternating row colors. Currently Mac, Win and GTK are supported.
Added taskbar support on the Mac, GTK (Gnome) and OS/2 (e/XCenter+Systray).
Added PNG/JPG/GIF/TIFF support on Windows via GDI+.
Added support for GdkPixbuf inline images in GTK 2 and 3.
Added dw_draw_arc() function for drawing arcs, ellipses and circles.
Added DW_DRAW_DEFAULT, DW_DRAW_FILL and DW_DRAW_FULL flags which can be passed to dw_draw_arc(), dw_draw_rect() and dw_draw_polygon(). The fill parameter in the latter two has been replaced with flags where DW_DRAW_FILL is the same as TRUE so code using the old scheme should still work unchanged.
Added DW_MENU_AUTO and DW_MENU_POPUP constants for autogenerating menu IDs.
Added dw_debug() function for sending debug messages to the console.
Added path and/or filename support to dw_file_browse() on OS/2, Windows, GTK2, GTK3 and Mac 10.6 or higher.
Added custom calendar widget for OS/2, leaving only the HTML widget missing.
Improved container optimization on Mac, header width now taken into account.
Fixes for incorrect return codes from the dw_event_* functions on Windows.
Fixes for incorrect behavior on key_press callbacks on Mac and Windows.
Fixes for MDI support in GTK3.
Fixes for problems with multiple sliders/percent widgets in a box on OS/2.
Fixes for lots of GTK3 layout and window positioning issues... although minimum size issues are still present.

Documentation is available here:

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