July 19, 2024

Press Release March 01, 2012

Dynamic Windows 2.3 has been officially released! Binaries are now available for OS/2, Win32 and Win64. Source is available to build on Unix (FreeBSD, Linux, Solaris and more) using GTK2 or GTK3 and MacOS X 10.5 or higher using Cocoa.

Source and binaries are located on the Netlabs FTP server if not there yet check Incoming.

Changes from version 2.2:
Added dw_menu_delete_item() for removing menu items. Now you can use dw_window_destroy() on menu items handles also.
Added dw_app_dir() which attempts to locate private application data for the current platform.
Added dw_window_set_tooltip() for adding tooltips to most widgets.
Added dw_window_get_preferred_size() for getting the size the system thinks the widget should be, to aid in creating layouts.
Added support for -1 size parameter to the dw_box_pack*() functions to automatically figure out a suggested size for many controls.
Added automatic window redraw support for OS/2, Windows and Mac.
Added dw_window_set_gravity() for enhanced window placement.
Added DW_GRAV_OBSTACLES support for using system obstacles as gravity anchor points on OS/2, Mac, Windows and GTK3 (3.4 and later).
Added automatic window border detection on GTK. This eliminates the need for the DW_BORDER_* environment variables.
Added Open Watcom compiler support for OS/2 (Thanks Andy Willis).
Added pseudo transparent background widget support on Windows and OS/2. If you set the background color of a widget to DW_RGB_TRANSPARENT it will attempt to use the background color of the parent. Several types of widgets have this set by default now.
Added faster and less buggy layout engine 2.0 for OS/2, Windows and Mac.
Added auto-positioning on Mac; reimplemented auto-positioning on OS/2.
Added DW_DRAW_NOAA which can be passed to dw_draw_*() API functions that accept the flags parameter to disable anti-aliasing.
Added dw_main_quit() to cause the dw_main() message loop to return.
Added DW_FCF_COMPOSITED to enable Aero Glass effects on Windows 7 and Vista.
Added local autorelease pools on Mac making _dw_pool_drain() unnecessary.
Added deprecated API support for Clang, GCC and Visual C compilers. dw_mdi_new() and dw_menu_item_set_check() have been deprecated.
Fixed auto-sizing top-level windows on Windows; added on OS/2 and Mac.
Fixed bubble help not being displayed on Windows.
Fixed menu bar items remaining highlighted on Mac.
Fixed OS/2 and Windows showing windows during dw_window_set_pos/size().
Fixed OS/2 scrollbox resizing problems when not in the initial position.
Fixed Windows scrollbox maximum position is off by one.
Fixed various GTK3 issues and removed all deprecated functions for 3.4.
Fixed MLE issues on almost all platforms.
Removed broken support for GTK 3.0, GTK 3.2 or later is required now.
Renamed compat.c and compat.h to dwcompat.c and dwcompat.h respectively.

Documentation is available here:

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