June 13, 2024

Press Release April 21, 2015

There was never a publicly released version of 3.0, but it was used in several internal projects around this time in 2015. I am posting this retroactively for continuity purposes before releasing 3.1 publicly.

Changes from version 2.5:
Added package configuration (pkg-config) support on Unix.
Changed DW_CLR_DEFAULT behavior to improve consistency.
Added dw_signal_connect_data() which features a callback on signal disconnection.
Improvements for building on 64bit Windows with MinGW. Window styles, HTML and Toolbar widgets are now supported.
Added dw_shutdown() for use when shutting down Dynamic Windows but not quite ready to exit immediately. (Functions like dw_exit() without the exit())
Separated the container "title" (string) and "data" (pointer) into separate spaces.
The "classic" functions which take (char *) parameters now maintain their own string memory backing so you no longer need to keep the data available.
Removed dw_container_set_row_data() and dw_container_change_row_data() macros.
Added dw_container_set_row_data() and dw_container_change_row_data() functions.
Removed the "_dw_textcomp" container data flag, dw_container_cursor() and dw_container_delete_row() which take (char *) now function in text compare mode.
Added dw_container_cursor_by_data() and dw_container_delete_row_by_data() functions which do the same things except in pointer comparison mode.
Added DW_CR_RETDATA flag to dw_container_query_*() functions to return the data pointer instead of the string pointer, this may change in the future.
Added exported internal functions _dw_init_thread() and _dw_deinit_thread() for language bindings to setup/cleanup threads created for DW use.
Fixed some memory leaks.
WARNING: Changed how tree and container titles are returned, they are now duplicated and need to be freed with dw_free(). This affects the following functions: dw_tree_get_title(), dw_container_query_start() and dw_container_query_next()
You should audit any code using these functions for leaks if using verison 3.

Documentation is available here:

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